Amount of FWO-SB projects per Flemish university

FWO-SB is a very important funding channel for PhD students in Flanders (Belgium). After submitting a proposal in September, PhD candidates have to defend their project for a jury in November/December. Usually the results appear online in mid-December, and for this year’s call that was today:

Since I was a little bit curious about how many projects went to each university and since I want to keep my tidyverse skills up to date, I parsed the PDF-file with all of the results and plotted it using  ggplot2.


Good job KU Leuven!


Pieter Meysman asked me to normalise the data a little bit, so I looked for the amount of professors per university and plotted the data again. This time, the x-axis represents the amount of projects per 100 professors:


I’ve used the following amount of professors (click  on link for source):

The code to create this plot can be found here and on Github:

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